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The Jet Of The Future Is Finally Here. Albert8203 videos.…
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Very Light Jets



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  • Alexander Foelkel 1 week ago

    Oh fuck, what a bullshit. Some heroic music, a nercous woman….and trying
    to make the ‘maiden’ flight to look like something very very
    special…..Well: IT’S NOT special these days…..and instead of grabbing
    the chance of making a nice intro video we get this kind

  • Nick Sandman 1 week ago

    when you go full throttle does VTEC kick in?

  • Donovan Moore 1 week ago

    I got an idea, let’s go compete against the Citation and the Phenom. Ok.

  • tomtom730618 1 week ago

    Not 2014.

  • gojewla 1 week ago

    It’s ugly, but at least it comes with its own giant BBQ skewer on the nose.

  • francis desbiens 1 week ago

    stick with the civic yo

  • Manuel Costa 1 week ago

    gear up!!!!

  • julian 1 week ago

    Nice bird.

  • A Rodenas 1 week ago

    This jet is the first in history to have a laminar flow design. It´s the
    future in aircraft design. That´s why it is a revolution in aircrafts.
    Laminar flow design means there is no turbulence in the wind flow
    surrounding the aircraft skin, i.e. a kind of “everything gets better”.

  • Nico Montinola 1 week ago

    Can’t wait for the Type R jet…

  • Uzi Panti 1 week ago

    vtec kicked-in at 2:10

  • Michael Muhia 1 week ago

    Its dope. Shout out to.the engineer who desighed and built this plane. And
    honda for being ambitious. 

  • mykenwood830 1 week ago

    why were the wheels not retracted ?

  • JPN HT 1 week ago

    What about a honda jet type r?
    Is it fighter air plane?

  • Richard Reinert 1 week ago

    Why mount the engines on those massive pylons above the wing, when they are
    actually closer to the fuselage as seems clear from the video. The shorter
    pylons required would surely be lighter and the engines would be in the
    same position with regard to the wings. I guess some design decisions are
    truly inexplicable.

  • toshihide anada 1 week ago
  • Black Nock 1 week ago

    for only $4.5 Million bucks as soon as if/when I win lotto $bucks and/or
    scratcher money I’m getting myself one o these here puppies so i can cruise
    around the earth checking out neat spots to learn about and fly around/over

  • cinabolic 1 week ago

    VTEC just kicked in, YO!

  • scot tish guy 1 week ago

    when does the vtec kick in……….must be a b18 turbine…lol

  • net3211 1 week ago

    This is one of the future of Japanese craftsmanship.

  • veryslyfox 1 week ago

    If this is anything like their cars, the paint will begin to chip off after
    20,000 miles.

  • pumppump999 1 week ago


  • 2oEeMinD 1 week ago

    Awesome. Go Honda!

  • skyphantom29 1 week ago

    I wonder if I can take This honda 10K miles without changing It’s oil….
    hmmm… XD

  • MrFurkettun 1 week ago

    I need a flying Honda.