REVEALED: The Cost of Your Own Private Jet! (money inspirAction#128)

Ever wondered what it'd be like to fly by private jet? Take a step towards it today by watching this video and finding out more about how it actually works (and how much it costs).
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AND…I have since done an episode on how much a Timeshare is
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*_*_*_* What is the Money InspirAction Challenge? *_*_*_*

Thanks for watching this video! You may be wondering what is money inspirAction?? Well it's doing something new with money everyday for a year, and filming it.

I believe it's truly unnecessary that so many people around the world live in fear when it comes to money. Fear of not having enough money, fear of never having enough money, fear of losing their money etc etc etc.

I believe we live in a *unlimited* world with limits set only by our minds.

I started money inspirAction to really explore this in more detail and to inspire as many people as possible to action if they are living in fear with money, and to know that another way is possible.

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