Top10 most expensive actors’s private jets

Top10 most expensive actors's private jets

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top 10 celebrity private jets


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About Air Force One:
Air Force One is the official air traffic control call sign for a United States Air Force aircraft carrying the President of the United States. In common parlance the term describes those Air Force aircraft designed, built, and used to transport the president. The presidential aircraft is a prominent symbol of the American presidency and its power.

The idea of designating specific military aircraft to transport the President arose in 1943, when officials of the United States Army Air Forces, the predecessor to the U.S. Air Force, became concerned over the reliance on commercial airlines to transport the president. A C-87 Liberator Express was reconfigured for use as a presidential transport, but the Secret Service rejected it because of its safety record. A C-54 Skymaster was then converted for presidential use; this aircraft, dubbed the Sacred Cow, carried President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Yalta Conference in February 1945 and was subsequently used for another two years by President Harry S. Truman.

The "Air Force One" call sign was created after a 1953 incident during which a Lockheed Constellation named Columbine II, carrying President Dwight D. Eisenhower, entered the same airspace as a commercial airline flight using the same call sign.

A number of aircraft types have been used as Air Force One since the creation of the presidential fleet, starting with two Lockheed Constellations in the late 1950s: Columbine II and Columbine III. It also operated two Boeing 707s, introduced in the 1960s and 1970s; since 1990, the presidential fleet has been two Boeing VC-25As, which are specifically configured, highly customized Boeing 747-200B series aircraft. The Air Force plans to procure the Boeing 747-8 for the next version of Air Force One.

→ Its the Presidential Factor. Technically, Air Force One is the radio call name for any plane on which the president of the United States travels.

→ The Airforce one are Twins. The two current Air Force One planes are due for replacement.

→ The Airforce One is custom Designed by Boeing in design collaboration with The White House and the Secret Services.

→ The plane must be able to serve as a mobile command center.

→ The Mobile Bunker and the Safest Fleet on the Planet Earth. Fly at a maximum height of 45,100 feet ( Commercial flights fly about 30,000 feet)

→ The whole flight is considered a military operation

→ A Real Fast and High Flying Bird. It can travel at a top speed of about 1,126 km/hour

→ Air Force One can be refueled in midair.

→ EM waves from Nuclear Blast can also not Stop the Communication System of the Airforce One.

→ Every Flight is a Crucial Military Operation with Extremely high Security. Every Detail of AirForce One is a Top Secret.

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