Top 20 Celebrities With Private Jet

Top 20 Celebrities With Private Jet. The growing number of millionaires or billionaires Celebrities in the world own Expensive mansions and yacht.Top 20 Celebrities With Private Jet( ) are most popular celebrity.Richest celebrities own their private jet plane.The variation on price of jet plane and most popular celebrities buy most expensive private jet.

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Top 20 celebrities make sure that they get to soar up in the air literally in their own jet planes.Private jet provides amazing luxurious services like sleeping rooms and suits.Those private jet are expensive on price.

Here is the list of Top 20 Celebrities With Private Jet
1 )Angelina Jolie –(Cirrus SR22)
2)Tom Cruise –(Gulfstream IV)
3)Jim Carrey –(Gulfstream V)
4)Jay z –(Bombardier Challenger 850)
5) Oprah winfrey –(Global Express XRS)
6Mark Zuckerberg– (private jet)
7)Bill Gates –(Bombardier BD-700 Global Express)
8) Warren Buffet –(Gulfstream IV)
9)Jackie chan— (Legacy 650)
10)Tiger Woods– (Gulfstream G550)
11)QABOOS BIN SAID AL SAID –(Boeing 747-430)
12)Donald Trump– (Boeing 757 )
13)Bono–(Airbus A310s)
14)Steve Jobs —(Gulfstream jet)
15)MICHAEL DELL–(Gulfstream V)
16)Sergey Brin –( Boeing 767-200 called Google jet)
17)TYLER PERRY –(Gulfstream Private Jet)
18EIKE BATISTA–(Embraer Legacy 600)
19LI KA-SHING–(Gulfstream G550)
20)MICHAEL JORDAN– (Gulfstream IV)

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Top Five Executive Helicopters In The World!!! Sikorsky Bell AgustaWestland

Top Five Executive Helicopters In The World!!! Sikorsky Bell AgustaWestland – Watch a Sikorsky S-92 come in for a landing and then depart. Then watch a Bell 429 hover taxi and land. Next we see an Agusta A109 come in for a landing and ground taxi to a fuel pump. Up next we see the Sikorsky S-76 which we all know Donald Trump owns two of (must be nice) and finally we observe a runway departure of an AgustaWestland AW139 and its return in the evening for a landing and close-up view as it performs a ground taxi. Although these are not the most expensive executive helicopters in the world – they do set records for worldwide sales, supreme safety, cabin size, economy, and great design. Thanks for watching!
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