Citation X – Fastest Private Jet to the Grand Canyon

Geeking out in the Cessna Citation X from KVNY to KPGA (Van Nuys to Page), the fastest production passenger jet, top speed Mach 0.93, (700MPH), ceiling over 50,000'. Takeoff acceleration felt like a Ferrari, and the cruise was smooth and quiet.

Would You Rather Lease or Own Your Smartphone?

Not three hours after I finished this video did AT&T announce their Next program offering similar upgrades to what was announced by T-Mobile, and rumored by VZW. It's like I can see the future…

We're seeing new plans from T-Mobile allowing people to swap out their phones more frequently than on old two year contracts. There are also rumors pointing to Verizon Wireless moving forward on similar phone financing. I pose this question to my viewers, do you buy your phones outright? Are you comfortable with the idea of only "leasing" your phones to have the latest and greatest hardware?

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