Step Inside Rupert Murdoch’s Luxurious $84 Million Private Jet

At $84 million it’s the epitome of luxury air travel, and according to The AFR media mogul Rupert Murdoch is the latest name on the exclusive list of G650 owners, along with Carlyle Group founder David Rubenstein, Multiplex heir Tim Roberts and The Dow Chemical Company CEO Andrew Liveris.
The G650 can climb to 41,000 feet in just 22 minutes, and reach a cruise speed of 956km/h.
In 2013, the G650 set a world record for the fastest certified civilian aircraft to circle the globe, completing a lap in just 41 hours, 7 minutes.
According to The AFR Murdoch’s newest toy left the manufacturing hangar in Georgia on May 15. If the three-year waiting list is anything to go by that means he had to order it back in 2012.
Here’s a look at the G650 in all its glory.

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The grounds of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel

The grounds at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Cottages Phoenix, Arizona, 1927.
A collaborative effort of Frank Lloyd Wright and architect Albert McArthur (sometimes attributed to one of the two, though Wright gives McArthur full credit). This hotel is the largest of the "textile block" design, original concept by Frank Lloyd Wright. Others, by Wright, are found mainly in California.

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Welcome to the Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Resort


Voted the most beautiful building in Arizona by Featuring 8 pools, championship golf, and a spa.

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