Citation X – Fastest Private Jet to the Grand Canyon

Geeking out in the Cessna Citation X from KVNY to KPGA (Van Nuys to Page), the fastest production passenger jet, top speed Mach 0.93, (700MPH), ceiling over 50,000'. Takeoff acceleration felt like a Ferrari, and the cruise was smooth and quiet.

The grounds of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel

The grounds at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Cottages Phoenix, Arizona, 1927.
A collaborative effort of Frank Lloyd Wright and architect Albert McArthur (sometimes attributed to one of the two, though Wright gives McArthur full credit). This hotel is the largest of the "textile block" design, original concept by Frank Lloyd Wright. Others, by Wright, are found mainly in California.

Welcome to the Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Resort


Voted the most beautiful building in Arizona by Featuring 8 pools, championship golf, and a spa.

Interview with Alice Cooper on late musician Glen Campbell

FOX 10's Matt Rodewald spoke with famed musician Alice Cooper, as news came Tuesday of Glen Campbell's passing. Campbell was 81 years old.