Cirrus Vision SF50 brings affordability to jets

Cirrus Aircraft SF50 Vision Jet, photographed on March 27, 2017, from Wolfe Air Cessna O-337. 
At just under $2 million, the Vision Jet is the cheapest private jet on the market. 
The Vision Jet is marketed toward owner-pilots who plan to use it for both business and pleasure. 
The CAPS system involves a whole-plane parachute installed in every Cirrus aircraft since 2000, including the Vision Jet. 
The inside of the Vision jet is roomy, with space for five adults and two children. 
The cockpit includes an electronic navigation system and envelope protection that keeps the pilot on course. 
The airplane is controlled by joysticks on either side of the cockpit, much like those in a video game. 
The Vision Jet is assembled at the Cirrus factory in Duluth, Minn. 
With a range of around 1,300 miles and a top speed of 345 mph, the Vision Jet is meant for regional trips, though it can also make cross-country journeys with a few stops to refuel. 
The $2 million Cirrus Aircraft Vision jet is the least expensive personal jet on the market. The Vision seats up to five adults, has a single engine mounted piggyback on the fuselage and a unique v-wing tail that the company says reduces cabin noise.

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